Click on images to enlarge    then hit the back button to return  here to thumbnails door watercolor hills watercolor

3.watercolor Denmark

4.watercolor faroe islands

5.French Cafe acrylic on canvas

6.French Cafe with red umbrellas acrylic on canvas

7.Girl with birds acrylic on canvas

7.IcelŠandic landscape watercolor

8.Klaksvig Faroe Ilands watercolor

9.Magic mountain Spain acrylic on canvas

10. I said your hot acrylic on canvas

11.Springtime watercolor

12. Red Pump watercolor

13. Sienna watercolor

14.Snail Denmark watercolor

15.Small Blue Window watercolor

16. Spanish Mountains watercolor

17.Spanish Terrace

18.sues garden


20 Torshavn


21.Tropical waterfall