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Faith Copeland   Artist painter

Faith Copeland  is working mainly in watercolors and acrylics, also painting on silk, has a degree in Modern Language, speaks 8 languages, Teaching Degree from Miami University,  Undergraduate Degree in modern Language, (French and German) Vanderbilt University, Nashville Tennessee, degree in Art History from Lund’s University in Sweden. Attended various art schools, Aero Art School, and Samso Art school in Denmark, She has been teaching, both language, painting, and computer. She is also doing web design for artist and others. Faith has worked as a tourist guide in Spain and Sweden, She has been living in Europe in different countries to work and study for many years.
A colorist with  a vibrant use of color, giving spontaneous free interpretations of situations, motifs from nature, beach scenes, small cafés, Etc, ca
pturing the local atmosphere in each painting, the work is original, creative with primitive charm often compared to Rousseau, Henri, (1844-1910). and the use of color and light as in Raoul Dufy (3 June 1877 23 March 1953). Paintings express Joy of Life and a celebration of beauty with a deep love of the Seaside and The Sea, Exhibited widely In USA and Abroad in Museums, Galleries, and other venues
tel + 45  31385421 Denmark
SA 561 372 6147