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Ragnar Grønhaug

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Ragnar H. Grønhaug, Norwegian visual artist, born 1952. In my art I seek to uncover hidden structures in life and patterns in our psychological history. I believe that genetically we are very old interwoven human animal beings and that we carry our ancestors with us and that we enter the future (heaven) through our children. I'm trying to visualise this through painting and installations, preferably in churches to get a religious setting, since religious thinking has been with us since the  first cave-paintings. Old religious beliefs sprung out of observing nature, but it's only recently that we understand the visual brain and thus science will merge with religious thinking and art. After attending the Norwegian Arts and Crafts School (Voss) I traveled extensively and since 1985 have exhibited dozens of times in Denmark and Norway. I currently have studios in England and Norway.
Mobile: 0044 7479019345
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