Faith Copeland Florida Paintings     Case 10

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1.jumping girl 16x20 inches acrylic $100

2.intercostal 14x18 inches acrylicl

3.Alligator 24x18 inches $100 acrylic

4.Summersolts 24x18 inches $100 acrylic

5.Rainy day at the beach 16x20 inches acrylic $60

6.Girl withh cat nd bird 18x24inches acrylic $100

7.Sad message 18x24inches acrylic $100

8.watching from the bridge $100 16x20inches acrylic

9.yellow abstract florida 16x20 inches $100 acrylic

10.Dancer 18x24 inches acrylic $100

11.Reading on the Beachh 20x16 inches $150 acrylic

12.gracias a la vida 24x18 inhes $200 acrylic

13.parasurfers in the rain $60 acrylic 16x20 inches sail 9x12 inches acylic $45

15.abstract stormy weather $35 acylic 9x12 inches

16.Eveming sail 9x12 acrylic $85