Faith Copeland paintings from Florida

  Case  7

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1.Pink Path $85 18x14 inches

2.Windy Day at the Beach $85 12x16 inches $85

3.Two Dogs on Bike $85 18x14 inches

4.Mermaid and octopus 18x14 inches $85

5. Two JAYS small 20x16 inches $65

6.Pink Sands 12x16 inches $75 dollars

7.   Bird on Bush   $125    14x11 inches 

8.   Boat by intercoastal $125   14x11 inches 

9.   Two small mermaids with hearts 14x11 inches   $125  

10.Two Crested Gulls 14x11inches acrylic $125

11.Two parrots by sea at night 11x14inches $85

12.Ray and manatee at dawn 14x11 inches $85

13.Crocodile and panther 12x16inches $75

14.Turtles ,watercolor on paper framed 14x11 inches $75