Faith Copeland  Florida Paintings Case  9

click on images to enlarge then hit the back arrow to return here and yellow sands 8x8 inches $35

2.Camera man 10x8 inches $15

3.Golden Palms 7x5inches $20

4.Biker and his dog 8x8 inches $35

5.Girl With Heart 8x6 inches $35

6.Manatee and Fish 5x5 inches $20

7.Two sailboats 4 figures 6x4inches $20

8.Two sailboats ,yellow sand 8x4inches $20

9.Dancing on the Beach 7x5 inches $20

10.Abstract ,small 6x4 inches $20

11.Dancing in the moonlight 4x5inches $20

12.Beach scene with two surfers 5x7 inches $20

13.One gull one boat 4x5 inches $20

14.Delray beach on boat 12x9 inches framed $50

15.Two surfers in moonlight 4x5 inches $20

17. Turquoise 4x5 inches $10

18.Turquoise heart 7x5 inches $10

19.Turquoise 2 7x5 inches $10

20. Two sails with Red sky $35