Faith Copeland
cell 13  downstairs  under stairs
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Originallly from USA lived in Spain,France, Sweden and Denmark . Educated as a language Teacher , speaks 8 languages,Degree in Art History From Lund University in Sweden, Teaching Degree, Miami University ,'B,A in Modern Language ,Vanderbilt University Nashville Tennesee, worked teaching Language Painting, Computer --does Web Design .Worked as Tourist Guide in Spain, Art work is mainly influenced by the beauty in"Nature" main motive "the Sea"  plants and animals. It is a celebration of life in joyous colors, influenced by Nordic landscape from The Faroe Islands and Iceland , bird life (puffins)  inspired by charming seasdie  villages and coast lines ,The SEA is a constant motive. . Influenced by stays in Florida Spain, Italy ,France , Denmark and Sweden. known for  Puffins paintings from Faroe Islands.Work described by critic,"The Cape Cod Times"........... Faith Copelands work is Original ,imaginitive with  the primative   charm of Henry Rousseau and the  use of light  and color as in  Raul Dufy.....
tel 31385421
Olfert Fischersgade 1o, 2 sal tv
1311 Copenhagen  City