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Faith Copeland  

American Artist now living in Copenhagen 

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Painting Style

  whimsical, colorful, spontaneous, Joyful, a celebration of life, humoristic, narrative, reflecting joy in nature, plants and animals, especially the Sea and Seaside, described by critics as original  with the primitive charm of Henri
Rousseau and  the sense of light and color  as in Raul Dufy

Critics Say........

iFalmouth Times   Cape Cod Massachusetts critic wrote  

....."Faith Copeland's work is Imaginative, original, with the primitive charm of Henri Rousseau and a sense of light and color as in Raul Dufy ."

 Dr. Karen Roberts/PHD Art  Delray Florida  commented   April  2011 

  ..... "  work is   new ,fresh,  with something of Chagall and  Dufy"

Frozen sound      140 x120 cm  acrylic on  canvas

Magic mountain     40x50 cm  acrylic on  canvas

Barking Dogs  Spaiin     40 x50 cm   acrylic on  Canvas


Skagen   Denmark   0 x70 cm          hanging lemons   Spain     40x50 cm  acrylic on canvas 



Flying Puffins    60x80 cm   acrylic on  wood