April Showers

Life is a splendid thing, for sure
Or could be, quite a lot,
For being showered with loving friends
Is for sure, the nicest thing we've got.
Of this we do not doubt,
For in planting only lovely things
We get the good things out.
If we've got some love to share
With a friend all tried and true,
We can sure feel sort of cozy
Tucked under God's heaven so blue.
But sometimes these days it pours with rain
And we can hit some right raw mud,
But when we patch it up with loving
We get to chuckle at the fun.
Wasn't God so nice to make the cloudy skies
Come out with all the sunny hours
Then in rolling out the cutest kids
He planted all the flowers.
This place is not all bad yet
From all the praying on our knees,
Because then it has a kinder face
With all the nicest you and me's.
God gives us all a healthy bite to eat
And with more than enough to spend,
Is generous too, to share even
A little extra to lend.
These days we find there's way too much
Of shoving just to get,
So we need to leave a lot more space
For loving others yet.
I do thank our caring Heavenly Father
Our brightest morning star,
That He is keeping watch so things
Will be so blessed, just as they are.
I want to send you lots of happy thoughts
And prayers for God to bless you every day,
With the softest of April showers
To bring you the loveliest flowers in May.




Tulip hearts

100 x130 cm