Faith Copeland

Art Exhibition  in Strandlund Restaurant

Strandlund  102 Charolottenlund  

Bus 23 from town or Hellerup station  to Constansia  stop
 March 2nd to April 30th
Fernisering  Opening Reception with Jazz Concert by “Deborah” Vocal  Mads Heide Piano    kl 12-13 oclock    April  12 th

All are welcome! if you want to eat please call  the restaurant 39624525 the day before and order!!

  1. Gold Car 1500kr  acrylic
  2. Chantal 2500kr   acrylic
  3. Gardener 2500kr   acrylic
  4. Daffodils (small) 1000kr  Watercolor
  5. Daffodils (larage)      2500kr  Watercolor
  6. Sheep 3000kr  Watercolor
  7. ”Faroes1”  3000kr   Watercolor
  8. ”Faroes2” 3000kr
  9. 2 Palms 3000kr
  10. Two palmtrees 600kr  acrylic
  11. Heart 600kr  acrylic
  12. Pink Path 600kr  acrylic
  13. River 600kr   acrylic 
  14. Three palmtrees 600kr   acrylic
  15. Stork  600kr’ acrylic
  16. Long Silk pink 1000kr
  17. Silk Collage orange 1000kr
  18. Feathers 1000kr   -collage
  19. Italy 600kr
  20. Beach Florida 1500kr


Faith Copeland   Strandllund 14  sal 1 2920 Charlottenlund   mobil pay  31385421 for more info call   me