Faith Copeland Paintings

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  • Watercolor 120x 100



    Faith Copeland is an amercian artist living in Denmark working mostly in watercolors but also in other mediums. Her wokr is colorful,fantasiful inspired by nature. often narrative and humoristic with and expressionistic narrative language but always expressing the joy of life and the visual experience

    • Stelective Exhibitions

      Sellfos Modern Art Museum Iceland
      Kirsen Kjærs Musuem Denmark
      Carlslberg Museum Denmark
      Schacknow Museum Plantation -Florida
      the Armory Museum West Palm Beach Florida
      Bonnet House Museum, Fort Luaderdale Florida
      Jeannette Hare Gallery, West Palm Beach Florida¨
      Gallery Soho , West PalmBeach Florida
      Gallery Astel Copenhagen Denmark
      Gallery Sambala,Copenhagen
      Gallery Gammal Srand Copenhagen
      The Icelandic Culture House Copenhagen
      the Faroese Culture House Copenhagen
      Gallery Smedjan Faroe Islands
      Nordens hus Faroe Islands
      The American Embassy Copenhagen
      the Royal Opera House Copenhagen
      Hotel Oceania ,Brest France
      University of Nothingham,England
      Villa Bournonville ,Fredensborg Denmark
    • Fuglesanghuse Horsholm Denmark
    • Villla Bornonville ,Fredensborg Denmark
    • Faroe Islands Kultur hus Copenhagen

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